Stow Away

When I arrived at AVR London Stow Away was one of the first projects I was assigned. Working with the developers Stow Projects and architects Doone Silver Kerr we were brought on to visualise their container apart-hotel concept. Due to the compact nature of the container’s interior the client wanted to use VR to take advantage of the sense of scale and presence afforded by the medium. Initially the project focused on design development to understand the feel for the space and whether the proposed designs would be viable. Over the course of the project as the design became locked down we transitioned to producing marketing collateral and a room-scale VR experience. For this we mapped our virtual container to a real one to heighten the experience of being in the proposed scheme.

 As the project’s scope evolved so too did my role within the team. As I was brought on to the project my main tasks were asset creation and engine work, such as lighting and developing interactive features. Over time I came to ultimately lead the project through to its completion liaising with the clients and managing the team. As the scheme has gone through a number of design overhauls it has been interesting personally to see how we've tackled each new phase as a team. Because of this Stow Away has proved an interesting cross-section of our abilities as with each new iteration there's been a clear visual improvement upon the previous.

 In the end the project has become what I feel is the best looking VR project that we've worked on. Ok, fair enough that's a limited pool of contenders but it’s a small achievement for us. The environments are much more populated than previous projects and there’s been a much more focused creative direction across the board from lighting to colour palettes. The project started to really push the limits of what we could get working in the VR headset and as such has become a benchmark for the quality we can produce.