Looking Ahead In 2019

I’ve tried to get this post out the door for some months but it’s taken till the Christmas and New Year break to finally find the time for it. Since first wanting to write this there have been a number of changes, struggles and life lessons that have taken place to reflect on heading into 2019. Chief amongst this was my decision to leave AVR in the summer due to mounting frustration on a couple issues within the studio. Two years at the company is probably a good time to move on and since leaving I’ve begun working at the architectural practice Foster + Partners as part of their in-house visualisation team. My role remains much the same as before but has brought a renewed focus to real-time content creation shedding the peripheral responsibilities I was accruing at AVR.  

 Being accepting at a practice as reputable as Foster + Partners has bolster my confidence in my portfolio and skillset, at the very least I must be doing something right. In my decision to leave AVR I’ve felt I’ve reasserted control over the direction I want to be moving in with my work. It’s brought a spotlight on where it is I want to be going with my work in the long run. What’s my endgame? I’ve been complacent in this area and that’s cultivated a reactive attitude to leaning and being driven by the requirements of the studio or the project rather than my own agenda. It’s always going to be a balance between the two but as I’ve broadened my abilities delving deeper into Unreal and the wider aspects of real-time production my core artistic skillset has taken a back seat. In 2019 I want to tackle what I feel are the resulting gaps in my artistic understanding and engage with the key targets below,

-          Digital Sculpting (Zbrush)

-          Substance Texturing Suite (Designer/Painter)

-          Creating vegetation and terrain assets

 These aren’t new targets and long time readers will have seen these on multiple occasions across the years and I can’t help but think about how many I have failed to achieve. Previously I feel I’ve tackled these subjects as abstract, high level concepts rather than the application of the skills I want to learn. By looking at what industry is asking for in job roles and requirements I want to tailor what I learn around small, focused briefs that address what companies are looking for. By focusing on studios and roles I’m interested in I hope to maintain the direction I want to be moving forward in. As always making the time to do stuff is a challenge. I tend to get bogged down in trying to find blocks of time to work in whereas I should be working in smaller bursts when I can and focus on maintaining progress.

 With these thoughts in mind I hope to develop a more efficient and disciplined approach to studying that resulting in finishing the outcomes I want to achieve. Which I feel is key in maintaining agency over the direction I’m moving in with my work both for next year and beyond. With this in mind and in tandem with the confidence boost from starting at Foster + Partners 2019 is looking to be an exciting year.