Update 19/02


 It's been a busy start to the year and over the past soon to be two months I feel I've been building up momentum with my work. Following from my last entry where I discussed the clear direction that I want to spend my time growing my skillset it’s been my focus to create a routine that supports it. Alongside this I’ve tried to be clear and concise over what it is I want to study or work on week to week and month to month.

 Part of that over January has been continued practice in Substance Designer, something that has carried over from last year. It's been a mixture of both following tutorials and authoring my own materials, though the latter has been mostly at AVR. With the time I’ve spent working on these my confidence with Designer has grown to a level where I’m feeling pretty competent with it. I mean you'd certainly hope so after the hours I’ve sunk into it. It's fast become my texturing tool of choice, it's fun to use and to explore in which isn't something you can say about a lot of software, 3Ds Max springs to mind, and I feel it produces fantastic results.

 Substance Designer is something I’m wanting to keep as a background thing to keep practicing going forward with, if I’m not using it a lot at AVR or in my own projects then I’ll aim to author a material or two to keep in with it. There’s a lot of room still to explore with it, I’m no expert, notably organic materials such as wood and dirt are an area that I’m keen to push forward with in the future.

 For now however I’ve started on a new environment project based on Masashi Wakui’s photography of Tokyo as I mentioned in my new year post. At this point it’s little more than a blockout and an asset sheet so there’s not much to really show though hopefully in the coming weeks you’ll start to seem some output from it.