Growing up sketching, creating stories and worlds I’ve naturally pursued a career in the creative industries over time honing my craft from a hobby, to a passion. Specialising in environment creation for real-time and Mixed Reality I aim to craft immersive and compelling experiences and narratives.

 At De Montfort University I studied traditional art and design fundamentals alongside emerging technologies and pipelines for CG environment creation. From this I have a firm grasp of the latest software like Unreal Engine 4 and the Substance Suite alongside a strong understanding of lighting, colour and composition.

 With experience at companies like BMW Design Group and AVR London I’ve developed into a flexible artist with a wide ranging skillset from raytraced CGIs to, more recently, immersive Virtual Reality experiences. I pride myself on my reliability to work under pressure creating high quality outcomes to meet deadlines and project requirements collaborating with team members and clients.

 I have a strong desire to learn new techniques and technologies challenging myself to continue to grow as an artist and creative. I’m always excited to hear about new opportunities and future projects, if you’re interested in collaborating then drop me an email at ewancouper@outlook.com.

 You can also download a copy of my resume.

 Thanks for your interest,